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 The traffic exchange system, and why you should(n't) care.

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The Final Boss

Subject: The traffic exchange system, and why you should(n't) care.Posted at: Sat May 05, 2012 8:48 am

ETA: Tardly traffic exchange system doesn't work at all, removed from site. Thread unstickied, left for legacy purposes.

At the bottom of many threads, probably even including this one, there are links to other sites hosted by the same host this site is on. I can not stress this enough: Please try to refrain from ignoring these completely or blocking them.

Why, you ask? The host has set up the traffic exchange system in such a way that a site pretty much has to give traffic through this system in order to get it from the same system.

Try to click ones that look interesting and see if you find something you like. It also seems to be set up in such a way that it refines based upon what threads on other sites get traffic through it.

This is a very easy way for every member of the site to have a say in what sort of people are wanted in this community without even saying a word publicly.

It's also a way for you, the user, to potentially find other sites you like. And if there are a lot of particular people you like on said sites, you could potentially bring them over here.

You get more friends in one place or at least more stuff to boredly do on the internet, and this site gets more momentum so its survival chances are much higher. Everybody wins, and with very minimal effort to boot! This isn't hard at all, folks.
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The traffic exchange system, and why you should(n't) care.

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