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 Advertising drive

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The Final Boss

Subject: Advertising drivePosted at: Fri May 04, 2012 9:43 pm

Right, if you're reading this I've obviously gotten at least you in here, whoever you are. But I can't make this site boom without a little help.

For one, we need members. Advertising. I did it myself, and if you trace it back far enough you're probably here because of my posts, some crazy indirect way, even if you're reading this in the archives X years after the fact.

I can't pull members out of thin air. I need to find them somewhere. I've tried to pull in people from the sites I frequent over to this one, but if you want to see this place flourish you'd be best served helping too.

PM/IM/email/whatever friends, online or off, who you think would be great fits for the place, first of all. Word of mouth-type stuff where you're telling one person that you know well could serve as a good initial filter, so that this becomes a community rather than a ghost town or some place where nobody knows anybody else.

Feel free to post threads, put links in your signatures and status updates on wherever, and that sort of stuff as well. It's impersonal and most people probably wouldn't pay attention, but it could help.
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Advertising drive

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