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 Posting contest

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The Final Boss

Subject: Posting contestPosted at: Fri May 04, 2012 9:49 pm

We need to have things to discuss, which could be difficult seeing as this site is just being reborn for the 4th time.

For that, head down to the lower fora, in the general and topical sections. I've posted a few threads down there to start us off, and pretty much anything interesting you can think of is a topic, natch.

In the spam forum, I'm holding a posting contest. I figure, if it's a glorified pissing contest, people will get competitive and have tons of fun doing it even if it's not exceptionally interest-holding alone. You can probably see the global announcement floating above all the other threads.

Don't worry too much about the creative fora, unless you have some ideas for fiction/roleplay, or artwork you particularly want to post here. That couldn't hope to survive without general discussion backing it up. Those fora are secondary and may not even stay around once the layout is more settled.
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Posting contest

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